Yao Ming

mingYao Ming is a Chinese basketball player who has put the basketball world on notice.  At more than 7 feet tall (with him around, you definitely wouldn’t need a professional for tree service), Yao possesses shooting and passing abilities that several much smaller sized players envy, while additionally offering a solid existence on in the paint. In the Beijing Olympics, all eyes were on him as he attempted to led the Chinese men basketball team to the gold medal before his home country; didn’t happen as the USA Men’s basketball team took home the gold.

Yao Ming was chosen to the All-Olympian group in 2004 after putting up some remarkable numbers in the Sydney Olympic Games. He averaged over 19 points, over 9 rebounds, and made over 50% of his shots. He performed just as well at the World Championships in 2006.

Yao Ming played the first years of his professional basketball career in his homeland of China with the Shanghai Sharks. As was expected of him, Yao Ming played remarkably well, becoming an outstandingly effective basketball player before ending up being a desirable professional basketball player to several NBA organizations. The Houston Rockets were able to get him to sign with them in 2002 and he actually blossomed to being potentially the NBA’s idea of who a true center player is. With other centers, such as Shaquille O’Neal aging, Yao patrols the paint almost unchecked by many other big NBA players.

In China, Yao is absolutely nothing short of a super star, as one of China’s most prominent and identifiable professional athletes. In China, the NBA is incredibly popular, as well as given that Yao has been successful quite well in the NBA (despite injury problems), his step stateside to play for the Houston Rockets improved his popularity in his homeland of China. Ming retired in 2011, and in 2016, he was chosen as a member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.